Little Lightbulbs is a home and a tool for parents-as-educators. It hosts a wide variety of content, projects and activities that we plan on launching, on being involved in, on contributing to the future of education and parenting, and how technology and science is providing the leap for the next generation. It is involved in preparing ourselves to prepare our kids for a future driven by advanced, ever-present, game-changing technology. It is directed towards smart parents and even smarter kids.

We want to:

  • blur the lines between the life-stages of play, school and work;
  • use games and play to help our children learn, remembering that enjoyment and fun is one of the most powerful and rewarding catalysts;
  • identify the technologies that are around the corner, and help our children become expert at taking advantage of advancement;
  • focus on how to motivate our kids to be self-starters, self-reliant, self-confident and most importantly – happy;
  • keep our parent-child relationships nourishing, rewarding, central; and
  • explore nascent ideas, discoveries, innovations that will shape our future, and especially our children’s future.