Hello World

To my daughter: Hello little one.

By now you’re the size of a pineapple, as I found on the internet, which is where we find all our information these days. We’ll get to that. But first, I wanted to say hello and congratulations for your incredible luck on joining the waiting list for being born*. Shouldn’t take too long now, as you and your mummy complete the 3rd trimester of her pregnancy. In the meantime, as you’re being prepared, I wanted to give you an introduction to the world, which is where you’re going to spend your time being alive. This is why I created this list of things for new members of our species, such as yourself, to know about (see here). One day you’ll be able to read it, so for now I’m going to do some work on it, and on the rest of this blog (we’ll get to that as well).

I can’t wait to finally meet you and say hello in person. Be safe in there and see you out here soon.


To everyone else: Hello world.

Realizing that I’m going to be a father has made me realize that I have some thoughts about fatherhood in particular, as well as education in general. Naturally enough, I decided then to create a blog about that, where I’m going to write these thoughts down and maybe engage with them in an active way, such as research, experiments, discuss, etc. This is how Further Father was born, a few weeks before my actual first born. I hope to share it with many others who have similar thoughts, or otherwise in any way interested in the subject. I hope to develop it to practice – as a tool as well as reading material – and make it useful as well as a good read. We’ll get to all of that, but for now I just wanted to welcome you and thank you for visiting. Feel free to look around and even reach out. Enjoy and take care.